Duplex and Triplex laminating machine

Duplex and Triplex high performance machine featuring multi-job coating station capable of using interchangeable coating systems.


Duplex and Triplex high performance machine featuring multi-job coating station capable of using interchangeable coating systems.


Duplex Solvent Lamination
Wet coating weight:
up to 12 g/m2 with a dry coating weight of approximately 4,0 g/m2
Production speeds:
up to 400 m/min according to coating weight, dilution & adhesive type
Duplex Solventless Lamination
Coating weight:
between 1,3 ÷ 3,5 g/m2
Production speeds:
to 450 m/min


PET from 10 to 60 µm
OPP, BOPP from 15 to 100 µm
OPA from 15 to 20 µm
CPA from 20 to 100 µm
LDPE, LLDPE from 50 to 200 µm
Alufoil from 6,35 to 20 µm (with motorized pressure roller)
Calendered paper from 20 to 150 g/m²
LDPE, LLDPE from 20 to 200 µm
Cellophane from 28 to 60 g/m²
PVC from 50 to 150 µm

- Single axis unwinders and rewinder or double axis fully automatic unwinders and rewinder, according to customer's requirements
- Shaft or shaft-less reel locking
- The shaft-less system is provided with a pneumatic-mechanical expanding chuck system, to assure the operator's safety and to avoid core damage (cardboard, plastic or metal)
- The rewinder can be equipped with an innovative no-glue splicing system
Multi-trolley coating station; the same frame can house a wide range of trolleys:
- Rotogravure trolley with 3-position doctor blade
- Rotogravure trolley with doctor blade chamber
- Trolley system for PVDC coating
- Semi-flexo trolley for solvent-base, water based coating and products for wet laminations
- Flexo trolley for solvent coating on alufoil
- Solvent-less trolley for single component and two component adhesives
- Rotogravure trolley for patterned cold seal application
High efficiency laminating machine designed to obtain the highest flexibility using a wide range of materials, plastic films, paper, alufoil, etc.
- Very quick trolley changeover due to the special engineering of the coating station
- Front trolley introduction into the coating station: an innovative concept
- Tool-free cylinder locking and user friendly connection to the driving gear
- The trolley carries the inking system designed for high production speed, using an adhesive rip-free system
- Driven smoothing bar on the coating output for water-based and solvent-based product; a frequency converter allows controlled variable results on the coating
- High efficiency horizontal drying system with variable opening nozzles
- User friendly accessibility to the drying system rollers to allow easy cleaning and maintenance
- Flexibility to the customer requirements
Our solvent-less coating station is provided with a triple control system to guarantee a precise coating weight consistency from zero to maximum speed, also while ramping up/down.
- Solvent-less adhesive can be heated from 25°C to 90°C, according to suppliers specification
- The top idler rollers are driven by flat belt
- The coating system consists of a "four roll system" of which three are independently driven
- Sleeve system on transfer roll: the sleeve change operation is carried out directly on the coating system within few minutes
- High efficiency drying system with side-lay or horizontal opening
- Precise gap adjusting with indicator to obtain an accurate coating weight
- Fast cleaning of metering roll by pneumatic opening
- Temperature controlled metering and coating rolls to guarantee process accuracy
- Flexibility to the customer's requirements