Privacy Informative Report

Dear User,

Gruppo Cerutti, as the Data Controller, provides the following informative report on the processing of the personal data of the Users browsing our websites

Data types

  1. Registration data: such data are requested when registering on the website, also via computerized procedures and tools
  2. Browsing data: the information systems and the software procedures managing the website, in their normal operation, acquire some personal data which transmission is implied in the use of internet communication protocols
  3. Service activation data: the information systems and the software procedures managing the services, in their normal operation, acquire the IP data of the Users connecting to the primary website and the relevant service logs
  4. Cookie: the website uses cookies as specified in the relevant Informative Report ( link)
Processing ends
Gruppo Cerutti shall process the data to the following ends:
  1. to enable the User’s access to the site, for ends strictly connected with the provision of Gruppo Cerutti online services
  2. to ensure a correct and effective technical support
  3. to send marketing communications and information on our services, regulations and conditions; to reply to the User upon contact
  4. to make browsing our website easier and more intuitive – collected data shall make future browsing more pleasant and efficient
  5. to ascertain responsibilities in the event of cybercrime against either the website or third parties
  6. for customer satisfaction surveys
  7. for market and statistical analyses

Processing means

Data processing takes place with or without electronic, automatic, computerized or telematic tools, according to the above-mentioned ends. Data processing shall take place lawfully and properly, and anyway according to the above-mentioned regulations, via apt tools to ensure security and confidentiality; it could take place also via automatic tools able to store, manage and transfer data.
Data processing shall be chiefly managed by the Company’s internal staff under the management and the control of the Data Processor; for the above-mentioned ends, it could be outsourced to other Companies of the Group or to third parties.
Data storage shall allow the identification of the person concerned for a period not longer than necessary to the above ends.

Data submission

Submission of the registration data as per items 1) and 3) of this report’s first paragraph is mandatory; on a missing, or partial, submission, it will be impossible for Gruppo Cerutti to provide the requested service.

Data communication

Without prejudice to communications made in compliance with legal obligations, data can be communicated and committed, for the above-mentioned ends, to:
  • third parties performing activities either directly connected to or instrumental in the provision of the services offered via websites and on behalf of Gruppo Cerutti
  • Gruppo Cerutti commercial, partnership and service network
  • Gruppo Cerutti management / appointed staff in the relevant fields, such as administration / sales / production / technical / IT offices
 The complete and updated list of the parties receiving the data can be obtained directly at Gruppo Cerutti offices upon request.
At any rate, data shall not be circulated.

Data transfer

In accordance with the current regulations, this is to report that the data given to Gruppo Cerutti, via electronic, automatic, computerized or printed means, are transferred and stored on storage media.
Gruppo Cerutti carried out data transfer in accordance with the current regulations. Further information on the Commission’s decisions about third Countries adequacy is available at the following Link.

Rights of the person concerned

In accordance with the regulations in force, the person concerned shall address to Gruppo Cerutti Srl, with registered office located in Via Marcello Adam 66 – 15033 Casale Monferrato (AL), e-mail address , to exercise the following rights:
  1. to learn whether data processing upon him/her exists
  2. to get confirmation of the existence, if any, of relevant personal data, even if not yet stored, and communication in intelligible format of such data and their origin, and of the logic and ends of the processing
  3. to obtain the erasure, the anonymization or the block of the mistreated data, including the ones which storing, for the above-mentioned ends, is not necessary
  4. to learn the origin of the personal data
  5. to be informed on the ends and means of the data processing
  6. to be informed on the applied logic, when processing takes place via electronic tools
  7. to be informed on data transfer from EU Countries to third Countries not belonging to EU or to the European Economic Area
  8. to know the identity of the Data Controller, the Data Processor and the Representative as per article 5, subsection 2
  9. to know the individuals / the categories of individuals whom the data could be communicated to / who could get to know the data as Data Processor, Data Protection Officer and the like
  10. to obtain the update, rectification or integration of the data
  11. to object, totally or partially:
    • to the processing of his/her personal data, even if pertaining to the collection’s ends, for legitimate reasons
    • to the processing of his/her personal data for advertising / direct selling / market research
Anyway the User has the right to revoke the consent to data processing at any time by an informal communication to Gruppo Cerutti Srl. – Via Marcello Adam, 66 – 15033 Casale Monferrato (AL), via an e-mail to
  • to object, totally or partially, to the processing of his/her personal data, even if pertaining to the collection’s ends, for legitimate reasons
  • to transfer his/her personal data freely to other service providers
  • to request the rectification, erasure and removal of his/her personal data
  • to lodge a complaint with a supervisory Authority

Gruppo Cerutti obligations

  1. to guarantee the rights of the person concerned
  2. to comply with Legislative Decree 30 june 2003, n. 196, art. 13 (Italian Personal Data Protection Code)
  3. to comply with Regulation EU 2016/679 on data protection (GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation UE 2016/679)
  4. to promptly inform the person concerned in the event of personal data violation
  5. to reply to the requests of the person concerned within 3 working days
  6. to guarantee the correct data management and processing in compliance with the current regulations
  7. to guarantee data security and confidentiality in compliance with the current regulations

Data Controller / Data Processor

To contact the Data Controller: The complete and updated list of Data Processors is available at Gruppo Cerutti registered office.