1920 - The first workshop

Giovanni Cerutti started his journey in his father’s blacksmith’s workshop.
He spent some time working as a machine tool operator for a workshop in Turin, but his dream was to return to his hometown of Casale Monferrato and start his own business.

1920 - The first workshop

After a difficult start, his dream began to come true. In January 1922, Giovanni Cerutti went to a Notary’s Office in Genoa and established his own Company called “Officine Meccaniche Giovanni Cerutti”.
Initially he accepted orders to construct anything mechanical that resembled a machine.

1949 - First tablecloth printing press sold to Poland

In 1949, chance led Giovanni Cerutti to build his first rotogravure press. After spending time repairing textile machines and creating many different types of machinery – such as a simple hay baling machine – Giovanni reached a turning point when he manufactured a rotogravure press to print PVC tablecloths for a Company in Warsaw named Prasa.

1950 - First magazine printing press sold to the Italian publisher Palazzi

In 1950, Cerutti received his first order for a magazine printing press from a Publisher based in Milan named Palazzi. He worked hard to reach this first important goal in his first small site located in the Valentino district of Casale Monferrato.


1951 - Introduction of flexible packaging as an important tool for selling food products

Back in 1951, Giovanni and his sons Luigi and Carlo were convinced that flexible packaging would become an essential tool for the sale of food products. The first rotogravure press for printing cellophane was produced – it was called the 25R and was exhibited in a trade show in a five unit configuration.

1956 - Building of Casale Monferrato site

The first premises located in the Valentino area of Casale Monferrato quickly became too small for the continuous increase in production levels. In 1956, the first part of the premises was built  in Via Marcello Adam, which at the time was on the suburbs of Casale Monferrato. It was later greatly extended to become what is still today the Group’s Headquarters

1965 - The world will be packed

'The world will be packed', said Luigi Cerutti to his father Giovanni and his brother Carlo, in the early Sixties.
The demand for Cerutti’s gravure presses for the printing of packaging products grew higher and higher. Luigi Cerutti decided to build a new modern site in Vercelli just for this product.
Today, this is still the Group’s most important production site.

1981 - first Cerutti site in the USA

In 1981, Cerutti opened its first site in the USA, located in Pittsburgh. It was planned by Luigi Cerutti in the early Seventies but not built at the time due to his dramatic and premature death in 1973 caused by an incurable disease.

1985 - The partnership with Quad Graphics begins

In 1985, the first gravure press for publication printing was  installed for the Quadrucci Group in the USA.
Over the years, the Group has purchased 27 gravure presses from Cerutti, becoming Cerutti’s number one Customer throughout the world in the sector of gravure presses for publication printing.   

1985 - First newspaper printed on a Cerutti press

"In a world in colour, there will be no room left for black and white", said Giancarlo Cerutti at a conference held in Villa d’Este in 1984. He was speaking in front of the most important Publishers of newspapers and magazines in Italy to launch Cerutti’s new flexo technology for full colour newspaper printing. The Gazzettino di Venezia was the first to use this type of rotogravure press in 1985, but it was the Repubblica Group that became Cerutti’s main Customer for this product, purchasing more than thirty presses over the course of twenty years for its national and local newspapers.

1999 - First gravure press for polymer banknote printing delivered to Australia

In 1999, the Central Bank of Australia decided to print the Country’s banknotes on plastic and chose a Cerutti gravure press for the production process. Many other Countries followed in their footsteps. 
In 2014, Cerutti is chosen as the supplier of a new generation gravure press that will be used in the preparation of polymer banknote substrate which will include the Bank of England's £5 and £10, due for release in 2016 and 2017 respectively.

2006 - The Daily Mail is printed on a Cerutti press

In 2006, Tere Cerutti, Lord Rothermere and David Cameron officially opened the modern site of the British newspaper The Daily Mail, which was equipped with four of Cerutti’s flexo presses. 

2011 - Focus on packaging printing and converting

Cerutti decides to make a strong come back in the Converting sector: this is confirmed by the delivery of a triplex laminating machine to the Goglio Group in 2011 and a lacquering machine with three lacquering stations to Al Invest in Czech Republic.

2014 - Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II inaugurates a new Cerutti press for Royal Mail postage stamps

On 30th October 2014, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, together with the Prince Consort Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, inaugurated a new Cerutti gravure press for the printing of Royal Mail postage stamps, which was sold to the English Group “International Security Printers”. ISP prints stamps for 180 different countries all over the world.

2016: the new English Pounds bear the Cerutti signature

2016: Cerutti supplies new generation gravure presses used in the preparation of the substrate for the Bank of England £5 and £10 notes; our R98X performs specialized printing for the anticounterfeiting transparent window which is the core of the brand-new technological UK banknotes.


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